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Literatura obcojęzyczna Carcanet Press Ltd Yeh, Jane / 9781857547887
Ocena: suma recenzji i opinii: 4.3 (ocen: 9)

Dostepność na dzień 21.11.2017: w magazynie

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Marabou, Jane Yeh's first book of poems, is a meditation on the nature of artifice, and on the self. Her snapshots freeze fraught instants in the lives of a broad cast of characters: the horror movie mummy, an Elizabethan shoemaker, a flock of Cumbrian sheep; there's Harry Potter's owl and Oscar Wilde, two European princesses...In these beautifully crafted poems, her personae address the themes of love, lust, glamour and desperation with wit and flair. Hers is the language of fashion, espionage, revenge tragedy; her taut pressure-packed lines combine vivid detail and bold confession and reach unexpected emotional truths.

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Yeh, jane



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4.3 na 5 (opinii: 9)

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