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CROWOOD PRESS Just Ju-Jitsu (224 str.)

Literatura obcojęzyczna CROWOOD PRESS 224 / The Crowood Press Ltd / Cole, Ken / 9781861268495
Ocena: suma recenzji i opinii: 4.7 (ocen: 18)

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In this comprehensive work, the author adopts a strictly non-partisan approach and presents a guide to 'a basic syllabus' for ju-jitsu. He does not examine any one particular style or syllabus formulated aby a single ju-jitsu association and has written a book that will benefit all ju-jitsu students, whatever their style. Designed as a reference work for both experienced ju-jitsu practitioners and novices alike, the book provides students with a good grounding in the variety of techniques they might be expected to learn for their 'apprenticeship' - from white belt through to black belt first dan. This book: contains individual chapters on each of the belts; includes chapters on blocks, strikes and kicks, as well as throws, locks, strangles and chokes; and covers unarmed techniques, body weapons, katas and the use of some of the weapons employed in ju-jitsu, including the Katana, Bo, Nunchaka, short stick and tanto. It is extremely well illustrated with over 650 photographs.

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Cole, ken


The crowood press ltd

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4.7 na 5 (opinii: 18)

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